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Managing | Directing | Designing | Proofing

Starting in 2010, I managed the production of the DecoPac annual catalog. In 2011, I began to conceptualize and art direct the cover photography as well as lead the team in its production.


Calendar and Collaboration

  • Revise the calendar after the production of the previous edition, share with marketing and design teams

  • Coordinate with product owners on their line plans. What's new? What's staying? What's going? 

  • Determine any new copy or lifestyle photography needs

  • Work with procurement and print vendor on specs and print timelines


Build the Pagination and Catalog Files

  • Create the pagination from the information from product owners and route it for approval

  • Build the catalog documents and styles

  • Develop concepts for the cover and the page art


Driving the Bus

  • Assign designers to sections

  • Set expectations for milestones

  • Train new designers to the project


Not Just the Driver

  • Design and revise sections

  • Review entire book for consistency, completion, and formatting

  • Art direct lifestyle and cover photography

  • Review printing proofs for color and attend press-okays


The Good, the Bad & What About Next Year

  • Host a post-catalog post-mortem meeting

  • Track delivery and return quantities

  • Determine changes for next catalog

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